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A Different Approach

“Dog training is essentially about looking to control a dog’s actions. Dog psychology looks at how to win their mind. Discover a language of communicating with dogs that is instinctive, holistic, and comes from a place of understanding.”

-Doggy Dan



Lead first, then train

As owners, our dogs look to us for direction. However, what a dog sees as a leader is often different than what we think of as a leader. My role is to help you understand your dog's psychology and lead in a way that makes sense to your dog. When you are a leader that your dog trusts and respects, training efforts become far more effective. A dog who is in the follower role will be calm enough to take notice of you and be more receptive to additional training.


Train the dog and the owner


My goal is to empower you with the tools you need to work with your dog for the rest of their life. I will help you learn how to understand and communicate clearly with your dog using their natural language. I will teach you the techniques that you need to show your dog how to calmly follow your lead. Not only will behavior improve when you become a leader in your dog's eyes, but you will also be able to connect with your dog on a far deeper level.




Address the root of the problem

We will work together to implement permanent solutions to behavior problems that work with the dog's natural instinct. No force or fear required! With my method, there is no need for expensive gadgets or complex obedience training either. Instead, I focus on helping you understand your dog's inborn physical and psychological needs and show you how to give clear signals to your dog that you are their leader. When your dog respects you as their leader, they will choose to listen to you.

Anyone can do it!

My method simple, gentle, and works with the dog's natural psychology, regardless of age or breed. It does not require great physical strength or skill and it helps reduce stress in both you and your dog. It typically takes less than one hour to begin to see long-term changes in behavior! Anyone who consistently follows the training program can have a calm, balanced, well-behaved dog.


Let's start training!

Allie Chatelain

Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

(385) 484-9443

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