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Virtual Consult

1 Consult | 1- 1½ hrs| Consultation Total $75

This session is conducted over messenger, facetime, or google meet.


Virtual Consult

Great for those who want to resolve their dog's behavior problems who don't live near Rexburg.

Establish a powerful training foundation with the 5 Golden Rules for being the pack leader.

Learn the why behind your dog's behavior and how to address the root of the problem.

Behavior concerns addressed:

aggression - destructive chewing or digging - door bolting - demanding or clingy behavior - excessive barking - fear or stress - hyperactivity - jumping - mouthing - biting - not coming when called - toileting in the house - pulling on leash - picky-eating - reactivity - separation anxiety​ and more!​

Includes phone and email support for the lifetime of the dog!


Let's start training!

Call today for a free 15 min phone consultation!

(385) 484-9443

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