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Any pet-friendly location | 1½ - 2 hrs | $100


Follow-Up Session

Follow-Up Session

Most owners are satisfied with the calmer, better-behaved family dog they get from implementing the Calm Dog consultation, but for those who want to add specialized training or extra obedience cues, follow-up sessions are for you. You can build on your Calm Dog foundation with:


  • Reactivity & aggression 

    • practicing in real-life situations where triggers are present

  • Obedience 

    • teaching new obedience cues

      • down, stay, place, watch-me, leave-it, off, touch, stand, back-up, etc.

    • practicing obedience in new locations

      •  city street, park, pet-friendly store, hiking trail, etc.

    • fine-tuning known obedience cues

      • adding distance, duration, and distraction

  • Specialized training

    • biking, jogging, or hiking with your dog

    • scent training, food puzzles, fetch, hide-and-seek, and tug-of-war

    • tricks shake, spin, jump through hoop, and roll-over


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