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Calm Dog Consult

In-home | 2 hrs | $200


This session is held in the convenience of your home. This allows me to evaluate your dog's everyday behavior and create a training plan tailored to your unique situation.


Calm Dog Consult

Ideal for both new and experienced dog owners, looking for permanent solutions to behavior problems and a calmer dog in general.

In just one session...


Learn the why behind your dog's behavior and how to address the root of the problem.

Establish a powerful training foundation with the 5 Golden Rules for being the pack leader.

Put in place long-term solutions to behavior problems including aggression, chasing, destructive chewing or digging, door bolting, demanding or clingy behavior, excessive barking, fear, hyperactivity, jumping up, mouthing, biting, not coming when called, toileting in the house, pulling on leash, obedience, reactivity, and separation anxiety​.

Without force or fear, we will show your dog how to greet people politely, automatically wait before being fed or going out, walk with you calmly on leash, listen to you, and just switch off and relax, no matter what is going on.

Introduce obedience commands: sit, wait, heel, and come.

Calm Dog includes phone or email support for the lifetime of the dog! 


Let's start training!

Call today for a free 15 min phone consultation!

(385) 484-9443

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