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Puppy Essentials

For puppies 6 weeks - 5 months



2 hour consult 

Call for more info or to book consult

(385) 484-9443


  • Potty-training, crate-training, jumping, biting, mouthing, whining, chewing, leash manners, & barking.

  • Obedience cues sit, down, wait, come, & heel

  • Proactive training

    • socialization techniques for preventing aggression & over-excitement​

    • start good habits that last a lifetime


Included in price

  • Puppy starter workbook

  • 50% off discount for Calm Dog Consult

  • Lifetime phone & email support


Call for more info or to book consult

(385) 484-9443

Calm Dog Consult

For dogs 6+ months



2 hour consult 


  • Treat the root cause of behavior problems such as...

    • aggression

    • anxiety & stress

    • excessive barking

    • hyperactivity

    • jumping up

    • not coming when called

    • pulling on leash

    • potty accidents indoors

    • ignoring commands

    • reactivity

    • separation anxiety


Included in price

  • Detailed training guide

  • Training leash 

  • Lifetime phone & email support


Call for more info or to book consult

(385) 484-9443

Follow-Up Session

For dogs who have completed the Calm Dog Consult


Pet-friendly location of your choice

2 hour session

Build on your Calm Dog foundation

Most owners are satisfied with the calmer, better-behaved family dog they get from implementing the Calm Dog consultation, but for those who want to add specialized training or extra obedience cues, follow-up sessions are for you.

  • Additional reactivity & aggression coaching

    • practicing where triggers are present

  • Obedience 

    • obedience cues: down, stay, place, watch-me, leave-it, off, touch, stand, back-up, etc.

    • adding distractions at parks, pet-friendly stores, hiking trail, etc.

    • off-leash reliability

  • Specialized training

    • biking, jogging, or hiking with your dog

    • trick training, food puzzles, fetch, hide-and-seek, and tug-of-war

    • tasks for emotional support


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