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In-home training for a calmer family dog


Puppy Essentials

 2 sessions | 2 hrs each | $275

Establish good habits and behavior from an early age


Calm Dog Crash Course

 1 session | 2-3 hrs | $175

5 Golden Rules that treat the root cause of behavior problems


Calm Dog Package

 3 sessions | 2 hrs each | $375

Calm Dog foundational training with additional practice sessions

Why AC Dog Training?


"Almost immediately Ellie started recognizing what we expected and seemed happy to please us. We are very excited with the progress she achieved in two short sessions."

Debra and Leo


"She explained to us how we can address behavioral issues by changing the way we interact with our dog, instead of trying to individually and painstakingly break every bad habit. It’s been about a week since our consult and our dog is already doing better at staying with us on walks, not barking at the door, and not jumping on people."

James and Lindsay


​"We are new dog owners.  Puppy training has gone way better than expected because of her. Maizy has learned to sit, stay, heel, greet people, release words, socialization, and come. I highly recommend Allie." 

Cathy and Family


"Allie teaches not only how to train your dog, but how to understand them and communicate with them. With her training methods it is easy to see the constant, consistent progress in your canine and in your relationship with him or her. Her techniques are firm and gentle, conscientious of both the dog and the owner’s emotions. My family and I are so grateful to have had the benefit of working with her."



Let's start training!

Allie Chatelain - Behavior Specialist

Serving Lincoln Nebrasaka

(385) 484-9443


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